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Week 9 Football Picks; Rams Over Vikings

St. Louis Rams at Minnesota Vikings NFL Week 9
Football picks for Week 9

As the Week 9 football games approach, we always come up with our own predictions of which teams will win, and sometimes they coincide with the odds at the sportsbooks, but there are times when against all odds, the underdog could very well win; or at least in some cases, beat the spread. This week there are some good heads-up matches that could help determine which team could make it to the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the matchups, along with the experts picks.

Game Expert: Kevin Patra Nate Silver’s ELO
Browns at Bengals Bengals Bengals (89%)
Dolphins at Bills Bills Bills (61%)
Raiders at Steelers Steelers Steelers (72%)
Titans at Saints Saints Saints (82%)
Jaguars at Jets Jets Jets (77%)
Redskins at Patriots Patriots Patriots (93%)
Rams at Vikings Rams Vikings (66%)
Packers at Panthers Packers Panthers (55%)
Falcons at 49ers Falcons Falcons (51%)
Giants at Buccaneers Giants Giants (59%)
Broncos at Colts Broncos Broncos (68%)
Eagles at Cowboys Eagles Cowboys (54%)
Bears at Chargers Chargers Chargers (68%)

This is taking a look at personal and sport related experience versus a calculated formula, we can see that the majority they both agree on which team has the best chances of winning the game, but there are a few where the experience believes that a team can win, despite what the stats and numbers indicate. The game that most experts believe is in favor of the underdog, the St. Louis Rams will beat favorites Minnesota Vikings, while on the road.

Both of these teams are very similar, as they each have impressive defenses, ranking Rams (6th) and Vikings (7th) in the League, and both depend heavily on their rush offense. The reason why the experts believe the Rams have good chances of winning this game is due to the fact that their defense has held their opponents to ZERO touchdowns for the last two games, where they were able to get two much needed victories. Unless it is a supercharged offense, they have been able to keep the score low, and that is what will give them their fifth win of the season.

There will be plenty of close football games this week, but this game in particular may give the underdog Rams their chance to advance and hopefully make it to the playoffs.

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